Couples Therapy

“We can’t seem to communicate.”

“It just feels like we’re not on the same page.”

“We’re drifting apart.”

Together, we can work to heal wounds, make repair and build deeper connections.

These are all hard things, common to feel in a relationship. I help couples go deeper inside themselves to find the “thing beneath the thing” that is getting in the way.

With couples, we usually start this process by getting beneath the conflict to find healing and intimacy. 

For premarital clients, we can build up your existing strengths and facilitate challenging conversations as you build a life together. Prepare/Enrich resources can offer support to identify challenges and set expectations.

What if we waited too long?

The average couple waits 6 years before seeking help for marital problems (Gottman, 1994). Every couple has their own unique patterns of arguing and feeling lost. Together we can map what you both are feeling, what you need, and work to find new ways to engage.

Using communications strategies and solutions, I help offer support and tools that help couples build trust and develop empathy.

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