Family Therapy

“Being a parent is so stressful.”

“They never listen to me and I end up raising my voice. I hate it.”

“They are out of control but I don’t know what to do.”

Trying to find what to focus on when a family is struggling can be hard.

Sometimes families face unexpected circumstances – divorce, remarriage, trauma. Sometimes it’s the stress of managing life in a family that doesn’t work quite right. Hectic schedules, work life goals, emotional outbursts.

I believe deeply that everyone in a family system has a voice and your perspective matters. I seek to help each person express themselves in a constructive and self-affirming way and strive to create space for others to listen and better understand.

Children and young people in particular, deserve a therapeutic environment where they can have a voice. Parents are the ultimate guide, working hard to reset family dynamics and set an example for children as they struggle or grow.

Which type of families do best in therapy?

I love to work with growth-minded, inclusive families that want for everyone to be involved in imagining a better way for things to function. Together, we can find a life that feels good and is more equitable, connected and stable.

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